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If you are interested in any Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Sauer-Danfoss) products please call our sales staff toll free at 800 682 8848

Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Sauer-Danfoss) is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic and control components for mobile equipment. Danfoss Power Solutions units are found on many applications, including agricultural, construction, forestry, marine, material handling, turf care and others.

Look for the H1, M46, M91 and other 40 series medium duty pumps and motors in skid steer, trencher and other medium sized equipment applications. You can find the heavy duty H1 series, 90 series pumps and motors and 51 series motors in road building equipment, logging equipment, dozers, combines, and other applications. Danfoss gear pumps and motors and orbital motors are used on small to mid-sized equipment or in combination with heavy duty pumps for large equipment applications.

Atlantic Hydraulics is pleased to be an authorized service center and parts distributor for Danfoss Power Solutions. We are factory trained to service Danfoss Power Solutions components and remanufacture them to original quality specifications. So when your Danfoss Power Solutions product needs service, call on us for the highest quality service at very competitive prices.  When your equipment is down, Atlantic Hydraulics can get you back to work quickly.

Typical models we have in stock or can quickly remanufacture for you include:


Heavy Duty Closed Circuit Piston Pumps & Motors
90 series pumps and motors
90L042 90L055 90L075 90L100 90L130 90L180 90L250
90R042 90R055 90R075 90R100 90R130 90R180 90R250
90M042 90M055 90M075 90M100 90M130 90C055 90C075
90K055 90K075 90V055 90V075
51 and 51-1 series bent axis motors
51V060 51V080 51V110 51V160 51V250
51C080 51C110 51C160 51D160 51V060-1
51V080-1 51V110-1 51C060-1 51C080-1 51C110-1
51D060-1 51D080-1 51D110-1
H1 series pumps
H1P078 H1P089 H1P100 H1P115 H1P130 H1P147 H1P165
H1 series bent axis motors
H1B-080 H1B-110
Series 20 pumps and motors
20 Series 21 Series 22 Series 23 Series 24 Series
25 Series 26 Series 27 Series
Medium Duty Closed Circuit Piston Pumps & Motors
40 series M91 pumps, M46 pumps & motors
MPV023 MPV025 MPV035 MPV044 MPV046 MPT 023
MPT025 MPT035 MPT044 MPT046 MMF023 MMF025
MMF035 MMF044 MMV023 MMV035 MMV046 MMC046
42 series pumps
42L28 42R28 42L41 42R41 42L51 42R51
H1 series single and tandem pumps
H1P045 H1P053 H1T045 H1T053
L & K frame variable motors
LC25 LC30 LC35 LV25 LV30
LV35 KC38 KC45 KV38 KV45
LPV series pumps
Series 15 pumps and motors
Series 18 pumps and motors
Open Circuit Piston Pumps
L series pumps
L15 L23 L38 L50 L70
Series 45
ERL100 ERR100 ERL130 ERR130 ERL147 ERR147
FRL074 FRR074 FRL090 FRR09R GRL057 GRR057
GRL074 GRR074 GRL090 GRR090 HRL057 HRR057
HRL075 HRR075 JRL045 JRR045 JRL051 JRR051
JRL055 JRR055 JRL060 JRR060 JRL065 JRR065
JRL071 JRR071 JRL075 JRR075 KRL038 KRR038
KRL045 KRR045 LRL025 LRR025 LRL030 LRR030




Shipping Today

imageUnsure how to ship your part, motor or hydraulic pump to us for service?

Contact us now and one of Atlantic Hydraulics' friendly and knowlegabe Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you with your shipment.  With more than 20 years' experience we know how to get your parts packaged and shipped safely to your facility.  And rest assured that we will use the same care in returning your repaired or remanufactured parts to you in a timely manner.

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